A site about llamas, dharma, and our life!

We decided to stop working for someone else, and start enjoying life. This site is one of the results. Its contents will grow as our interests change and expand. For now we have llamas, fiction, philosophy, and the weather.

Llamas for sale

A range of llamas for sale in central France. This section also includes information for the inexperienced about the basics of what is involved in keeping llamas.

The blog

Simon and Val write an account of giving up work, moving to France, and keeping llamas and chickens. Our philosophy of life develops as our experiences bring new insights — it's the story of a couple of dharma wayfarers, who are learning how to enjoy every step of their journey on the Way to who-knows-where.


Like stray dogs wandering empty streets looking for a home, stories are always out there waiting to be written.

Here is the first that, somewhat surprisingly, has been.

Talk of many things

Talk of Many Things is a collection of the sort of things that end up going through Val's head, when she finds herself alone and quiet, with the time and inclination to stare into the existential abyss, and explore the Big Question - namely "What is the meaning of my existence?"

Weather information

Information about the current weather at our house, along with historical records.

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